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Product Overview...

Our products are made to last a lifetime. 


Fall in love with any one of our stunning and timeless barrettes. These are designed to hold both thick and thin hair without snapping or slipping off. Our exquisite designs and variety of colors are sure to make your updo look like it was styled by a professional.


Our versatile combs are the perfect way to brush hair off the frame of your face while still adding volume. They are designed for your everyday "French twist". Our selection of combs are bound to fix a bad hair day and they never go out of style! There are many colors to suit everyone's taste. 


Our headbands range from simple to ones with a bit more bling. They can be worn for a special occasion or everyday for a more casual look. Each and every one is hand-made, lightweight and comfortable for all head sizes. Remember that terrible pain behind the ears? Not with these


Choose from our array of unique and comfortable pinches. We offer difference sizes to accommodate all hair volumes for partial or full up-dos.  This is perfect for the woman on the go or heading to a special event. A girl can never have too many pinches and lucky for you, we have a HUGE selection for you to choose from! 


Our skinny barrette is notorious for surprising those who doubt its strength. 'The skinny' is an easy alternative to your everyday boring elastic around your hair. Whether you would like to have a full ponytail or just a half up-do, the skinny is the perfect fit for you. Don't believe us? Try one on yourself - you will be  surprised!

Swarovski Bead Wraps

Talk about versatile! Our Swarovski bead wraps can be worn as a bracelet or unraveled to be worn as a necklace!  They are perfect for all ages, make for a great gift for all, and can be layered with your existing fabulous jewelry. Not to mention the Swarovski crystals add a luxurious touch!


That's so vintage! These vintage pieces are from the from the 1940's  and 1950's.  Each and every one is made in France and even though they are vintage, they don't look a day over brand new! These classic pieces can be worn for any occasion and will definitely make a statement.


The Swarovski Collection is an upscale twist on all of our classic pieces. Want to make your special occasion even more special? This is the way to go. These delicate hair accessories not only add a little sparkle to your outfit, but are made to last and most definitely worth the investment. Swarovski never goes out of style.

Yogas & Beaks

The yoga is perfect for traveling and is great for an everyday look. It is a classic clip which can accommodate almost every hair type, from thick, to thin, curly to straight! These are hand-made in France by an artisan that considers each piece a work of art. Let's just say, we agree!

New Items  

Check out the latest additions to our vast array of hair accessories!

Cuff Bracelets 

Our selection of cuff bracelets is made to accessorize a wide range of looks; from the perfect beach ensemble, to adding a summery touch to an evening out on the town .

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